Work Mobility Delivered

Asset Management Extensions

eWorkMobility Packaged EAM Extensions are designed to simplify processes, extend EAM capabilities in real-time, and enable mobility. All eWorkMobility Packaged Extensions share five common common characteristics:

  • Seamless Integration

Powered by the NextAxiom hyperService® platform, all EAM extensions integrate out-of-the-box with your existing EAM system. eWorkMobility extensions sit directly on top of your EAM system, exchanging data in real time.

  • Mobile

All eWorkMobility extensions are mobile-enabled so that the work can take place anytime, anywhere on a mobile device.

  • Unified View

For each simplified workflow, the entire task is conducted in a straightforward manner rather than bouncing between multiple screens or modules. All the data required to implement any given task is presented on one screen, regardless of where the information resides in the underlying EAM system.

  • Role Based

Each extension is easy-to-use and is built to support a specific role-based work process, making the task at hand highly efficient.

  • Seamless Upgrades

Extensions are built through a fundamental API layer that does not significantly change across EAM versions. This means that extensions migrate seamlessly to the next version of the EAM software.