Mobile Approvals

In-synch, On the move, On time

Managers have to approve various steps of many processes such as Inventory Management, Contract Management, and Accounts Payable. Personnel have to wait for management approval before acquiring resources to complete their tasks. Mobile Approvals is a solution that reduces time for management to move processes along. Personnel no longer have to wait for management to return to their desk to approve a request. Management can quickly respond to requests from their phone or tablets without being confined to their desk.

Key Benefits

  • Remote Access
  • Validated Data against the EAM
  • Reflected in the EAM system in real-time
  • Single dashboard for all approvals
  • Notification when an approval on an item is needed
  • Use your favorite mobile platform: iPhone, iPad, or Android devices

Material Requests

Mobile Material Request Approval for Supervisors and Managers

Quickly view the pertinent details (estimated cost, need date, approval chain, items, etc.) about Material Requests and approve, return, reject, or cancel the request.

Contract Requisitions

Mobile Contract Requisition Approval for Managers

See all details about Contract Requisitions on one screen (title, status, facility, estimate, notes, accounting, routing, and scope of work, communication log, milestone, and insurance) and approve, return, reject, or cancel the request.

Contract Change Requests

Mobile Contract Change Request Approval for Managers

Access Contract details (vendor details, dates, commodities, contact value, associated Work Order Task, scope of work document, accounting, contract terms and conditions, material, resource requirements, contract milestones, key contacts, etc.) and approve Contracts.

Invoice Payments

Mobile Invoice Payment Approval for Managers

See Invoice details (contract, PO, vendor, accounting, invoice amount, retainage, route list, etc.) and approve, reject, cancel, or hold Invoices.


Mobile Vouchers Approval for Managers

Access Voucher details (amount, invoice, vendor, date, accounting, payment, payment method, etc.) and approve Vouchers.


Mobile Timecard Approvals for Managers

View Timecard details (contractor/employee, services, hours, overtime, values, Work Order and associated Tasks, dates, notes, etc.) and approve Timecards.