Simplified Work Improvement Suite (SWIS)

Real time results in a simplified package

The Simplified Work Improvement Suite (SWIS) extends the capabilities of your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software. It makes role-based, expert tasks highly efficient and it makes infrequent-user tasks highly intuitive and easy to perform. All the data required to implement any given task is presented on one screen, regardless of where the information resides in the underlying EAM system.

SWIS provides real-time, direct access to your EAM so there is no duplication of EAM data, and it enables the EAM functions to be processed in a manner that is tailor-made to your organization. SWIS is also designed to allow easy migration to a Mobile Work Package (MWP), giving mobile personnel direct access to the EAM system from an easy-to-navigate user interface on a handheld device.

SWIS reduces the risk of users struggling with functionality that is cumbersome or hard to understand, and resorting to workarounds and process shortcuts that limit the benefits of the EAM. SWIS makes it much easier to find, group, and trend data and generate accurate metrics when data is entered in the correct fields and work is written against the right location or asset. It helps planners, engineers, operations and maintenance personnel when their repairs, modifications or calibrations and related costs are associated to the correct equipment, as it reduces the chance of initiating duplicate work or missing important data when making decisions about the equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Extends the capabilities of EAM without customization
  • Eliminates homegrown systems and manual data replication
  • Expedites and simplifies Work Management activity
  • Displays screens tailored to the user role and job profile
  • Avoids any complexity of data entry that may exist within the EAM
  • Minimizes training and avoids retraining
  • Lowers operational costs by improving efficiency and productivity

Work Order Planning

Performing this task with the Work Order Planning module in SWIS is far more efficient than navigating multiple, diverse EAM system screens to find and process the required information.

Work Order Task Tracking & Update

The Work Order Task Tracking & Update module in SWIS allows for the timely and effective reporting of work order tasks, and updates of work in progress.

Work Order Completion

The Work Order Completion workflow consolidates all the pieces of work order package closure on a very simplified set of closure screens that make the process easy to learn and remember.

Work Management Mass Update

There are times when the same update must be made to multiple work orders or work order tasks, or when one update will have a ripple effect on a multitude of other records.

Lubrication Management

The Lubrication Management module supports a more efficient and effective lubrication program by avoiding the need for a homegrown spreadsheet or external database and having to manually replicate the data in the EAM system.

Work Request

All information is captured with minimal keystrokes on a single screen that reconfigures itself based on the data entered, leaving no reason to navigate elsewhere.

Preventive Maintenance Request

SWIS’s clean and simple Preventive Maintenance (PM) Request screen allows users to get in and get out as quickly and effectively as possible.

Outage/Online Scope Change Request

The SWIS Outage/Online Scope Change Request workflow provides a process for identifying, approving, and controlling outage work scope.

Procedure Revision Request

The Procedure Revision Request process in SWIS simplifies the entry and tracking of procedure corrections, improvements, and adjustments.

Outage Improvement Request

The Improvement Request process for outages allows for the identification and tracking of gaps between industry best outage performance, scheduled outage performance, and actual outage performance.