About Us


Headquartered in San Francisco, eWorkMobility is a Business Unit of NextAxiom Technology, Inc. Our software enables asset-intensive industries to realize the full value of their existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) investments - by providing real-time packaged extensions on top of EAM software from vendors such as ABB, IBM, SAP, and Oracle.

Our Focus

We are committed to creating mobile solutions that optimize work management, action tracking, and performance improvement processes. By streamlining the planning, scheduling, and workforce execution functions, eWorkMobility solutions deliver high value where real-time information, operational efficiency, and safety are paramount.


Powered by NextAxiom's award-winning hyperService Platform technology, eWorkMobility solutions leverage a universal abstraction layer of highly reusable building blocks that deliver unprecedented agility - without requiring custom coding or changes to the underlying EAM systems.

Our mobile solutions and mobile-ready application components include: Mobile Work Package (MWP), Mobile Approvals, Corrective Action Program Suite (CAPS), Simplified Work Improvement Suite (SWIS) and Asset Management Efficiency Suite (AMES). All of our solutions are designed to help organizations achieve greater efficiency and improve the end-user experience by extending the full capabilities of asset management, scheduling, and supply chain applications to a mobile workforce.


Our customers include some of the largest Utilities worldwide as well as the US Department of Energy sites such as Savanah River Site, Los Alamos and Idaho National Labs.

SAN FRANCISCO (May 9, 2016) eWorkMobility will be showcased by NextAxiom at the ABB Enterprise Software user group meeting being held in May 9-12, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. The user conference will be attended by over 1,000 major asset-intensive industry customers as they convene to focus on state-of-the-art software solutions. Several eWorkMobility customers will be presenting how they tackled and solved some of their most challenging automation issues using eWorkMobiliy extensions to improve workforce efficiency and enhance plant reliability and safety. Solutions to be highlighted for Asset Suite users will include:

  • Simplified Work Improvement Suite
  • Corrective Action Program Suite
  • Mobile Work Package
  • Mobile Approvals

SAN FRANCISCO (May 6, 2016) NextAxiom Technology, Inc. today rolled out the company’s new business unit - eWorkMobility.com to focus on delivering mobile application extensions to asset intensive industries where improved information mobility and simplified work processes will enable quantum leaps in efficiency. eWorkMobility provides a number of proven mobile apps and extensions that include: Simplified Work Improvement Suite (SWIS), Mobile Work Package (MWP), Corrective Action Program Suite (CAPS), Mobile Approvals, and Asset Management Efficiency Suite (AMES). NextAxiom, which is focused on helping businesses create Silo-free enterprise environments with its hyperService Platform has now positioned eWorkMobility to offer packaged application extensions using the hyperService Platform as the foundation. The new mobile extensions deliver secure ‘role-based’ solutions, thereby enabling customers to more fully realize the value of their existing enterprise application investments from leading vendors including: ABB, IBM, Oracle, and SAP.