Corrective Action Program Suite (CAPS)

Streamlining the corrective action life cycle

Condition reporting and corrective action processes are vital to safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance. Too often, these processes are addressed by standalone or homegrown systems, or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems that unintentionally complicate the task. A proper Corrective Action Program (CAP) automates the entire life cycle of a condition report.

The Corrective Action Program Suite (CAPS) provides the means for a modern and highly efficient CAP that leverages industry best practices and ensures conformance to facility and regulatory policies. This is especially important for nuclear utilities, which must meet certain regulatory obligations such as 10 CFR 50 requirements for inspections, records, reports and notifications, and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) rules for providing easily identifiable events for entry in the INPO Consolidated Event System (ICES) database, and easily identifiable and retrievable data that may impact INPO’s Equipment Reliability Index (ERI). CAPS supports the goals of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Efficiency Bulletin 16-10, which aims to reduce the cumulative impact from the corrective action program.

CAPS tightly integrates with your existing EAM and document management systems in real time. This eliminates the challenges of multiple independent databases and data synchronization. CAPS is also designed to reduce the overhead for a CAP, as these programs are increasingly burdened with administrative requirements and process controls. CAPS allows program managers and personnel to spend less time entering, searching for and reporting data, and more time actually correcting adverse conditions. And, it avoids the need to learn and understand multiple EAM system screens and processes that do not directly relate to the CAP process.

It allows for logical ties to the EAM system, taking full advantage of the underlying EAM for field validation, cross referencing and trending of data points, which enables easy identification of problems that are otherwise not easily recognizable.

Key Benefits

Improves results throughout the enterprise:

  • Improves safety by providing real-time decision support information
  • Enhances performance and operational efficiency
  • Quickly informs management of any possible reportable violations
  • Allows for the identification of precursor events
  • Allows for prompt, comprehensive corrective actions that address immediate concerns
  • Allows for tracking of procedural deficiencies
  • Allows for the tracking of important communication among facility/site personnel
  • Minimizes unplanned downtime caused by missing key information
  • Provides consistency, validation, and compliance required by regulatory bodies

Leverages and extends the capabilities of your EAM system, without customization:

  • Eliminates homegrown systems and data replication across systems
  • Uses and enforces the security profiles of your EAM system
  • Expedites and simplifies CAP activities by consolidating information across your EAM and document management system
  • Displays screens and fields relevant to the user and their role
  • Supports mobility
  • Minimizes training time
  • Lowers operational costs by improving efficiency and productivity

Initiate Condition Report

Whether it’s a slippery sidewalk, noisy pump or critical component failure, all plant personnel must have the ability to quickly and accurately create a condition report

Supervisor Review

This workflow presents all condition reports and work requests associated with the reviewer in summary form, with only the information needed – no more or no less.

Operations Review

This workflow presents all condition reports and work requests associated with a reviewer in summary form, with only the information needed.

CAP Pre-Screening, Screening, and Management Review

Corrective Action Program Coordinators (CAPCOs) and Managers perform review, disposition, trending, and evaluation of corrective actions via CAP Pre-Screening, CAP Screening, and Management Review Meeting workflows.

CAP Assignment Review & Approval

CAP Assignment Review & Approval, launched from My Open Assignments, allows authorized personnel to review, approve and formally complete assignments, and all necessary information is automatically captured in the EAM system.

Condition Report Search

Condition Report Search in CAPS allows for the quick and efficient search, sort, and selection of existing condition reports based on a wide variety of data fields.