Mobile Work Package (MWP)

Keep Your Workforce Productive and In Sync—Wherever They Are

The work package is a fundamental maintenance tool in the work management process. Work packages have been developed in a paper process for many years allowing workers to take their defined work scope to the field, which includes pre-job brief, purpose and scope statements, work instructions, contingency actions, material lists, tools required, feedback process, drawings, basically all required information to perform work in the field. Today hard copy work orders are still carried to the field, the work is completed, all steps signed and verified and closed. Current requirements by our regulators require that we store the captured information for several years, this becomes a burden as the documents have to be stored for retrieval, and many companies have begun to PDF each work order upon completion of the work to allow for quick access to the completed documents, this is also manpower intensive.

The power lies in the integration of the tool into all backend systems and streamlines the entire lifecycle of the Work Package (providing a unified, role-specific view of the work package) as opposed to just the 'PDF on a tablet' approach. The elimination of the paper process and replacing it with mobile electronic media and capture our current work practices electronically instead of on paper. Tablets are currently the most logical choice as they are lite, very portable and relatively inexpensive. Any of the current modules we currently use today are converted / migrated to the mobile device. The electronic work package (eWP) is a huge step forward in the continual search to improve equipment reliability, while lowering costs and maintaining a high level of safety.

Optimize Work—Maximize ROI

By streamlining the entire work management process—including planning, approvals, execution, and tracking—into a single, role-based application, the Mobile Work Package boosts productivity, lowers operational costs, and provides greater visibility into all operations.

Since the application is powered by NextAxiom’s hyperService® Platform, IT innovators can rapidly introduce new capabilities at a fraction of the cost of conventional approaches to cross-silo solutions. The first Mobile Work Package rollout at a single U.S. Department of Energy site at Savannah River achieved a $2.7 million annual cost savings—with a payback period of less than one year.

The Mobile Work Package promises a continuous ROI with its ability to integrate with existing IT investments and support new functionality as mobile devices become even more capable and pervasive throughout the utility industry.

Key Benefits

  • Simplifies work management by enabling single-click access to electronic work packages and associated workflows
  • Lowers operational costs and increases efficiency by eliminating paper-based processes, reducing travel time for field workers, and allowing all staff to focus on the job at hand
  • Reduces errors and enhances safety by supporting real-time, cross-organizational collaboration
  • Provides management interface to add/remove/markup procedural documents


In addition to managing critical pre-planning processes, the Mobile Work Package simplifies work package creation and accelerates the work order review process


By eliminating paper from the work package review process and replacing it with a mobile application, the Mobile Work Package provides a platform that enhances efficiency and enables collaboration to and from the field.


The Mobile Work Package gives craft the freedom and flexibility they need to easily check out multiple work packages wherever they are—regardless of network connectivity status.

Approval/Completion Reviewers

With the Mobile Work Package, authorized users can easily review a work package before and after work has been executed.

Shift Operations Managers

Using the Mobile Work Package, shift operations managers get easy access to work orders selected for pre-authorization.

Records Automation

The eWorkMobility Mobile Work Package completely automates records management, eliminating manual labor and the potential for human error.

Work Package Analytics

Easily compile information related to work order tasks at a facility/site level to understand how tasks are progressing through the system.

Work Package Tracking

Track and view tasks using a comprehensive search utility to keep up to date on recent activity.

  • Maximize workforce productivity and enhance efficiency
  • Reduce errors and improve safety through real-time information
  • Save millions of dollars annually

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